Coffee Dominates

I’ve always wondered about coffee’s popularity in the world. In New York City it seems that coffee is favored over tea nine to one but that’s just New York.


Think Ahead & Be Prepared

If you use a French press and the carafe is glass get a spare even if you haven’t broken it…yet. You never know when the slightest tick will crack the glass. I was cleaning my press carafe and just lightly tapped it on a plate while putting it into the drying rack.



If I didn’t have a backup then I might go a day or two with no way to press coffee!

When Coffee Isn’t Coffee

I usually never get foo-foo coffee drinks but today a girl working at Nespresso said their special drink of the month was delicious…she got me. I drank one.


It tasted a bit like melted coffee ice cream. Very delicious but I’m going to limit myself to only one per year or one per two years.

When Starbucks Becomes Dumb

Dumb Starbucks Cup

Do you order the grande as a Dumb Grande?

These guys claim that they really, really like Starbucks and that’s why they made this café.  The location is in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

“They cite parody and fair use law as allowing them to run the business, and say they don’t actually think Starbucks is dumb, but that they had to say so to be protected by fair use law.”

Read the FAQ here.

Coffee App: Intelligentsia

Coffee has magazines, books, movies and even a Broadway musical in the works and in the last couple of years we can add apps to that list.

Intelligentsia Coffee Screen

The first tab on the Intelligentsia app

Many of the apps are set for casual drinkers or serious roasters, the two extremes. One app that seems to have a nice mix between the two is the Intelligentsia app. The app consists of four categories.

  • Coffee
  • Brewing
  • Brew Timer
  • About

The Coffee tab is information about what coffee is currently in season.  Tapping on the coffee will bring up a simple description but if you swipe to the left you’ll find detailed information (Farmer, Altitude, Varietal, etc.) and some pictures, videos a comment section.  Some of the images are really nice if you like to look at coffee farms.

The Brewing tab is some drawn pictures of different brewing methods.  If you’ve heard of a Pourover or a Chemex but you’re not sure how to brew that way these diagrams are really easy to understand.

My most used tab is the Brew Timer.  This is really simple, choose your method of brewing and it’ll time it for you and alert you when it’s done.  I’m constantly choosing French Press to get a little bell after four minutes.  Simple and easy.  The only thing I would change is that I have to choose the brew method every time and I’m really just doing French Press.

Brewing Tab

Learn how to brew coffee from these instructions.

The last tab, About, seems like nothing because it’s just a bunch of logos but tap on those logos and you get more cool information.  If you’re a little intimidated by the coffee information in this app then go to this About section and you’ll get some answers to what they are talking about when they say in season or Black Cat Project.

It’s free.

Intelligentsia App