Coffee Spill Science

I love it when “they” say a bunch of “physicists” explain why coffee spills more than beer.  Who are these people and where do they get all of this free time to experiment on things that are obvious?

If you want to laugh at all of the science behind this, watch the video.  Otherwise I’ll provide the spoiler here: beer has foam and therefore stops the liquid from spilling.

Do You Take Loci with Cream & Sugar?

A loci is a term used in genetics and recently eight loci were identified as genes that determine coffee drinking behavior.  And I always thought I just liked the taste!

The study was conducted with 120,000 people so they have a good sample but they said that, “the scientists were able to determine why some people need more of the stimulant than others for optimal caffeine effect.”  This leads me to believe that preference for the taste has little to do with genetics.  They mostly seemed to link the genetic need to drink coffee to smokers and alcoholics that are addicted and, of course, coffee has that little part called caffeine.

Here is an article about the study:  Coffee Genetic Link

Remote Espresso

Apparently people cannot live for more than 24 hours without coffee.  That’s funny that I am being sarcastic when I’m writing about coffee on a blog but even I think that it gets a little ridiculous.

Do you need fresh espresso, not powered or pre-ground, but fresh espresso when you’re:

  1. Camping
  2. At the beach
  3. In the desert
  4. Sailing

Because I live in such a large city I find it difficult to imagine anywhere that doesn’t have access to a few coffee places or stores to buy coffee but I must be wrong.  Check out the Minipresso in this YouTube video and get your hand muscles ready.

The Coffee Gadget Industry

I know that coffee is popular now but this is ridiculous.  I see a new gadget or toy for coffee every day and sometimes twice a day.  Are people really buying this stuff?  Some of it seems great and others are just pure indulgence.


No electric needed espresso.  The ROK Manual Espresso Maker.  Looks great, but at $200…I don’t know.  It sure is cool-looking on your countertop.

ROK Espresso Maker

ROK Manual Espresso Maker

ROK Manual Espresso Maker



This next one I like and at $30 it’s affordable to me.  If you like iced coffee then all you need to do is pre-chill this cup, pour in coffee and drink.  Great idea, if it works.

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker


My favorite so far…coffee cubes that only need hot water.   I like to camp and this is perfect provided you can heat up some water.  Only $15 for 24 cubes AND they’re pre-sweetened!  The bad reviews on Amazon say that the taste isn’t so great but…it’s coffee, in a cube, while you’re camping!  What’s your alternative?!?!

Jiva Coffee Cubes



Seven Interesting Facts

1. After coffee beans are decaffeinated, coffee manufacturers sell the caffeine to soft drink makers and pharmaceutical companies.

2. The average U.S. worker spends $1,092 on coffee each year.

3. According to legend, Honore de Balzac drank 50 cups of coffee a day to fuel his writing.

4. In 1932, Brazil couldn’t afford to send its athletes to the Olympics in Los Angeles. So they loaded their ship with coffee and sold it along the way.

5. In 1674, the “Women’s Petition Against Coffee” said it was turning British men into “useless corpses” and proposed a ban for those under 60.

6. Coffee was banned in Mecca in 1511. It was believed to stimulate radical thinking and hanging out.

7. The first webcam watched a coffee pot. It allowed researchers at Cambridge to monitor the coffee situation without leaving their desks.

HG One Grinder

As I surf the internet throughout the week I come across some very interesting coffee gadgets and I keep meaning to post them on but often I don’t do it because I have nothing to write about them.  Take this one, for example, the HG One Grinder.  It’s over $900!  I love coffee and I think you need a good grinder to get good tasting coffee but I can’t afford that.

Having said all of that, here is a link to a $900+ coffee grinder, that looks really cool, but I cannot review.

HG One

HG One Grinder

HG One Grinder

Old News: Coffee is Good for You

I’ve never been a big fan of the effects of caffeine from coffee only because I like to drink coffee and after too many cups I get jittery.  I’ve tried a few decaffeinated coffees and I think they are quite good so maybe that’s the way to go forward.

Anyway, I find this a stretch but now they are tying coffee drinking in with ethics.  “They” say that when you’re sleep deprived you can be more susceptible to unethical behavior.  If that’s an excuse to have fresh coffee available at work, I’m all for it!

“Our research shows that sleep deprivation contributes to unethical behavior at work by making you more susceptible to social influences, such as a boss who tells you to do something deceptive or unethical,” said Michael Christian, an organizational behavior professor at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. “Caffeine can help you resist by strengthening your self-control and willpower when you’re exhausted.”

Here’s the article and a video about caffeine.

The Barista is Siri.

If you want to see the future then take a look at Textspresso by ZipWhip.  This company hacked a De’Longhi espresso-maker and set it up to receive brewing instructions from texting.

Instead of me writing about this just watch their three-minute video.  You’ll find out soon enough that this is not for sale but if that depresses you then get a Starbucks app on your phone.  Their next version will allow you to Pre-Order your coffee.  The most ridiculous part of this machine is that it prints a number ON TOP of your coffee so if it’s done before you get there and someone else texted an order you’ll know which one is yours.

ZipWhip is a company that makes texting software.  ZipWhip

Zero Gravity Coffee

Samantha Cristoforetti doesn’t have to go to the International Space Station and experience the dark, cold and lonely feeling of outer space.

Samantha Cristoforetti

Samantha Cristoforetti official portrait in an EMU spacesuit


Her mission will bring the most exciting piece of technology in the last 200 years and will make space travel something everyone can participate in.  Mars will be next and we’ll be buying our Mars tickets on JetBlue.

The ISSpresso machine (the ISS stands for International Space Station) changes the game in outer space.

ISSpresso machine

ISSpresso machine






Luca Parmitano is the astronaut who nearly drowned during a spacewalk last July when his helmet filled with water from his suit’s cooling system.  He’s also known for missing espresso and he talked about that often.  Donald Pettit, another astronaut that missed coffee while in space, offered some ideas for the design.  Pettit invented and patented a zero-gravity cup for sipping coffee versus sucking it with a straw.

Antonio Pilello, a spokesman for the company making the machine said, “You know, coffee is very important for Italian people. We are really hard to please about it!”

Hey!  Piello!  Don’t forget the Americans!

ISSpresso can make tea and consommé as well.


Posts from the Past: Deception in the Coffee Isle.

This was posted on back on Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

Sometimes you just have some bad luck. The last couple of beans I’ve bought have been disappointing.

I had ordered two (1) pound bags from Caribou Coffee and once they started to get low I went local and bought a can of Illy in my neighborhood. Illy is not bad coffee and it’s not cheap either. This 8.8 oz can cost about $13. I was surprised to find out that this just didn’t have a lot of flavor and even came off a little weak. I think that part of the problem is that it’s a medium roast but I have not yet pressed this coffee and I’m expecting better things once I use it in the press pot.

illy Coffee Can

illy Coffee Can


Mud Truck Coffee

Mud Truck Coffee

My next attempt was at a store in Park Slope Brooklyn called Union Market. This store is full of high-end, fresh food. I only needed a few items and seeing the prices I was happy that this wasn’t the store I use for my usual shopping. In the coffee isle I assumed that all of the brands would be good but one bag really caught my attention, the Mud Truck. Sometimes I’m a sucker for a colorful bag but I also remember getting coffee from this truck (and other trucks) in New York City so I wanted to give this one a try. I chose the darker roast but again, the coffee disappointed.

I’m expecting both of these to be better once I send them through a press pot but in the drip machine, they are just average. I’ll be making another entry on both of these once I drink them out of the press pot.